Welcome to Advisorly

Our mission is to ensure that every client has the resources they need so they are prepared for aging, retirement and beyond.


Jeremy May

Founder & CEO

Advisorly offers resources and planning for aging, retirement, and beyond.

Advisorly’s compassionate and caring case management team are Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) certified, and have experience working with families in all stages of their legacy planning.

Our Advance Planning system takes a proactive approach to end of life affairs with The AGE Program and Advance Planning Insurance.

We support our clients at all levels of making life’s most important decisions.

Great reasons to use Advisorly aging & retirement resources:

  • Advisorly has a certified, compassionate, and caring case management team
  • The AGE program; we use a holistic life planning system that includes assessment, portfolio and consultation
  • Advisorly insurance programs are underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada
  • Over 25 years experience in the fields of end-of-life solutions,  planning & pre-planning, health care, and insurance
  • Great business partners in Elements and House Calls Nursing