5 Reason to Have a Will

5 reasons to have a will

5 Reason to Have a Will

Did you know that if you die without a will, that decisions about your estate are left up to the law? 

Here are 5 great reasons to plan ahead and make sure you have a current will:

  1. You can decide on how your estate will be distributed (who will be included and who will not).
  2. Should you pass away with minor children, you have an appointed guardian documented.
  3. You can avoid a lengthy probate process with a current and valid will.
  4. You can reduce the amount of taxes owing on your estate with gifts that are left to family members or charities.
  5. Tomorrow is not promised.

Procrastination can derail your good intentions.  I should…I plan to…I am thinking about.  While we are well aware that death is unavoidable, we often don’t think that we are close to death’s door and so we put it off until another time.  Due to the uncertainty of life, it’s in your and your family’s best interest to take action while you are in good health and of sound mind.

And if you’re concerned that once written that you might have a change of heart, no need to worry, it can be changed.  Should something change in your life such as a marriage, death, children or a fall out with a loved one, your will can be updated to reflect these changes. 

To learn more about how to get your will started:

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