5 Ways to Support Seniors during the Holidays

Supporting seniors over the holidays

5 Ways to Support Seniors during the Holidays

It’s almost that time again.  We’re gearing up with shopping, baking and planning for the holidays.  This year requires extra consideration.  You guessed it, Covid-19.

2020 has been an eye opener for everyone.  Meeting our basic human needs that were once effortless have become a challenge, particularly, the need for safety and social belonging.

When it comes to safety, protecting ourselves from the virus has become a universal practice, and measures have been put in place to maximize our safety.  This includes: wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, keeping our distance, limiting our social network and self-isolating when necessary.

In terms of socialization, society has been rocked to the core.  Social distancing, self-isolation, your ‘bubble’ are the phrases that we have come to know and have adapted to.  Restrictions have been put in place of varying degrees, but depending upon where you live, and what has been imposed, you may find yourself isolated for an extended period of time. 

Feelings of uncertainty around safety and socialization have impacted the vast majority of people, weighing heavily on people of all age groups, but especially those who are at high risk for contracting and falling fatal to Covid-19.

Add Christmas to these already challenging dynamics.  Is there a special senior who requires some TLC during this holiday season?

Check out these 5 tips for bridging the gap over the holidays:

  1. Mail a hand written Christmas card with photos
  2. Gently encourage the use of technology for video visits
  3. Send a hobby item such as a puzzle or a craft
  4. Call, when possible to say hello
  5. Drive by their residence and wave from outside

Contact our Case Management team to learn about supports available to you and your loved ones over the holiday season.

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