Advisorly is a Life Planning & Estate Support company.

Our EPC designated Case Managers helps clients plan for their immediate and future needs with our AGE Program, provide administrative support with our Estate Support for Executors, and we advise clients on how to get their ducks in a row with Bridge Insurance.

‘Our mission, your well-being. Always.’

Jeremy May
Founder & CEO

Why use Advisorly’s Aging & Retirement Resources?

Advisorly has an EPC designated case management team, that strives to generate a stress-free, seamless experience in planning for your future, in a compassionate and caring environment.

The AGE program; we use a holistic life planning system that includes assessment, portfolio and consultation,

Advisorly insurance programs are underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada , the single largest preened, life insurance companies in Canada.

Over 25 years experience in the fields of end-of-life solutions,  planning & pre-planning, health care, and insurance

Essential partnerships like Elements and House Calls Nursing that allow us personalized and expertise services, tailored to work best for you in your planning process.