AGE Program Insurance: A Holistic Legacy Plan

Advisorly AGE Program Insurance

AGE Program Insurance: A Holistic Legacy Plan

AGE Program Insurance offers a holistic approach to planning your estate and legacy with this whole life. no medical insurance product. 

What makes AGE Program Insurance different is it allows you to customize your policy with what matters most to you.   Our Advance Planning Advisors will meet with you to provide guidance and education to help you preselect who receives your life insurance funds, and also structure how your money will be spent.

Features of AGE Program Insurance include the gift of case management, as well as money and instructions for your estate matters, funeral plans, health care for loved ones, legal, financial, and charitable donations.

AGE Program Insurance complements existing life insurance policies with benefits including:

  • No restrictions on health or age and no medical exams
  • No inflation with select products and service
  • Immediate coverage instead of reimbursement
  • Never renew and no expiry
  • Redeemable anywhere
  • Flexible payment options
  • Reduce liability for your executors
  • Coverage for premature and accidental death
  • Child and Grandchild Protection

Avoid out of pocket expenses and protect your loved ones with AGE Program Insurance

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