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While you may feel honored to be asked to be an Executor by a friend or family member, the decision to accept this role should not be taken lightly. In fact, an Executor assumes a great deal of responsibility and some risk when accepting...

You might have heard about DNA Preservation and wondered what it is. Simply stated, DNA Preservation is the preservation and long term storage of an individual’s genetic make-up....

Planned giving or legacy giving is a major gift made during lifetime or at death as a part of the donor’s estate. By choosing planned giving, you can leave a legacy that suits your personal, financial and tax situation and leave a gift to...

Did you know that if you die without a will, that decisions about your estate are left up to the law? Here are 5 great reasons to plan ahead and make sure you have a current will....

When an unexpected event occurs such as a death, the survivors are often in a fog left without guidance or knowledge on what needs to happen to sort out their loved ones funeral and estate needs....

The AGE Program is a three-step process that supports clients in planning for aging, retirement, and beyond....

Many seniors will develop some kind of a problem with their foot health as they age. These foot problems, which can lead to a change in mobility, put seniors at risk of further injury, as well as a hindrance to their independence and overall...