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I imagine many people have heard of both a Power of Attorney and an Executor, but may not always understand what the difference is. So here goes…...

If you died today, would your loved ones have the money to cover the expenses related to your death? If only we had a crystal ball to predict when our death will happen.  We could take the last minute approach days before we died so that...

As we age, we often experience changes in health, mobility and the ability to take care of ourselves. This can be the result of an underlying health issue, a fall, or just the natural progression of aging. For many people, they are able to get...

Death is not something that many people enjoy discussing.  In fact, it’s something we might try to avoid talking about altogether.  The idea that it won’t happen to me anytime soon, I’m only 40.  Perhaps there are other reasons related to cultural or religious beliefs,...

For many, you have taken steps to prepare for the winter, but for those who are taking mother natures’ cue to prepare, here are some tips for staying safe....

Top Reasons to Revisit Your Will. While we may be moving closer this coming year to minimizing the effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives, the realization that we are not invincible has not changed. This begs the question, when was the last time you...

It may seem like retirement is a long ways away, and that you have plenty of time to plan for this someday soon. But at what age do we need to get serious about planning for retirement?...

Many seniors are opting to stay in their homes for as long as possible, delaying a move into assisted living or long term care....