Why Use a Case Manager?

Advocacy, Guide and Education are what you can expect with the Case Management team.

Sometimes life changes without warning. When someone you love falls ill, suddenly retires, or needs to change residences due to a life changing event, the need for support becomes urgent. Without the time or expertise to make informed decisions, this can cause tremendous pressure on the ones we love.

The reverse is also true.  Many clients recognize the importance of planning their affairs while they are in good health.

Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) certified, our compassionate and caring Case Management team has experience working with families in all stages of their legacy planning.

Advisorly’s Case Management team is the available for anyone wishing to exercise the AGE Program at time of need or in advance.

Helping you through life planning decisions

How a Case Manager can help:

  • As compassionate, caring, and experienced professionals, our case management team is well prepared to advise and guide you through planing your affairs
  • A case manager can relieve the pressure on those needing to make planning decisions based on life-changing events
  • Case managers are EPC certified, and can guide and educate clients on the AGE Program, insurance, and financing options.
  • The team is available to help you through the AGE Program in advance or in times of need

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Assessment of the needs of your survivors at time of death


Actions required for the new circumstances

Follow up & Consultation

Meet to discuss what’s next

Guided Redemption

Execution of legacy plan and insurance redemption