Death Abroad – What Does this look like?

Death Abroad – What Does this look like?

Death Abroad – What Does this look like?

Often times when we go on vacation, we purchase travel insurance.  We head over to our local BCAA and get coverage to protect us in the event that we break a bone or have an accident while on vacation.  This is a fantastic first step, but are you aware of what could happen should an unexpected death occur while you are away from home?

Travel medical insurance might have coverage that is applicable for death expenses, but this is not always the case.  It’s important to know exactly what type and amount of coverage you have while you are away from home.

Consider this…you have an accident while out of town that leads to death.  If your coverage is to a maximum of $10,000, which it often is, how much will be left after the medical expenses are paid to cover the expenses related to your death?

Furthermore, will your loved ones have the capacity to tackle the complex process surrounding your death?

Repatriating a body back to Canada can be a costly and lengthy process that is compounded by language, law and cultural barriers.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  According to the Government of Canada fact sheet, death abroad can pose many challenges:

If there were coverage to ease this burden for your loved ones in the event that a tragedy happened away from home, would you consider purchasing this?

World Wide Travel Protection provides coverage for a one-time fee of $595, which guarantees coverage for life.  Protection for up to $100,000 of repatriation expenses from any location 100K away from home, including your home province. 

Work, play, family time.  Consider World Wide Travel Protection while traveling away from home.

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