DNA Preservation – Is it for you?

DNA Preservation – Is it for you?

DNA Preservation – Is it for you?

You might have heard about DNA Preservation and wondered what it is.  Simply stated, DNA Preservation is the preservation and long term storage of an individual’s genetic make-up.

DNA is like our personal blueprint that provides details such as hair and eye colour, physical traits, health risks, family medical conditions and ancestral history.

DNA preservation for many is a new memorial option, that helps the loved ones keep their family members genetic information available forever.

Top 3 Reasons to Preserve DNA include:

  • Provides insight to a family’s medical history and hereditary diseases
  • Records family DNA providing future opportunities for ancestry testing
  • Opens up possibilities for personalized medicine and treatment options

DNA Banking can be done on the living and as well post mortem, meaning after death.  DNA collection post mortem is possible provided that they have not been cremated or embalmed.   These types of decisions are best made in advance when the individual is in good health.  If the individual chooses to have the collection done while they are alive, this eliminates any guess work.  Alternatively, wishes to have ones DNA preserved can be recorded in a will or included in an insurance policy.   Leaving a decision of this nature until someone has passed can add a great deal of stress to the family left behind.

If you are considering leaving a legacy through DNA, contact our Case Management team.

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