Elements: Shipping Human Remains

Elements: Shipping Human Remains

Elements: Shipping Human Remains

Shipment home is more feasible and popular than you might know

Elements is the leading shipping expert in Western Canada. We handle foreign funeral homes, consulates, and all airline requirements to deliver you home safely. If you need to send a loved one home at death or want to prearrange it ahead of time let us guide you through the process.

Sending somebody home after death…is a lot less expensive than you think.

In the City of Vancouver, a single burial space for a casket is $28,000. In Burnaby the same can run $75,000. Most people are unaware you can have a funeral service here, be flown home, have a second funeral and a casket burial there for less than just a single grave in Greater Vancouver. And you can also have a ‘regular’ funeral service here before returning home.

One-of-a-Kind Finance Options

With 50 percent down, we will finance for 6 months the costs associated with the ship-out and also the flights for the living, interest free.

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