Estate Guide for Executors

Sign, Mail, Notify.

Our Estate Guide assists Executors with timely notification for the estate of the deceased.

Step 1 – Client and staff conduct a 20 minute interview

Step 2 – Advisorly produces ALL the required letters of notification AND supporting documentation (ID, Certified Death Certificates, and required forms)

Step 3 – Review and sign documents with the Case Manager – YOU JUST SIGN!

Step 4 – Advisorly will deliver your documents to the post office in addressed envelopes with prepaid postage.

The service will be available to you for one year, and if things come up, and you need more letters in the future, just give us a call.

Below is a list of just a few samples of what’s covered.

And please read our disclaimer.

Estate executors statistics

Notifications in the following areas


Canada Revenue Agency

CPP Death, Survivor’s & Children’s benefits

GIS Supplement Application

Social Insurance Number

Health Card Number

Canadian Passports

Driver’s License

Canadian Citizenship Card

Statutory Declaration of Marriage

Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union

Disability Assistance Programs

International Government Documentation


Utilities Service Providers

Landlord Death Notice

Home Insurance

Health & Wellness

Disability Parking Permits

Gym/Fitness Memberships

Medic Alert

Other Notifications & Cancellations

Canada Post

Department Stores

Firearm License & Registration

Wildlife Federation/Outdoors Clubs

Firearm License & Registration




Equifax & Transunion

Visa/Mastercard/American Express

Private Pensions

Life Insurance

Banks/Credit Unions/Mortgage Lenders


Employer Notifications

Rewards, Loyalty, & Memberships


Shopper’s Optimum

Hudson’s Bay

Plum Rewards

Canadian Tire

Esso Extra



Save on Foods

PC Points

Beneficiary Notifications

And more…

sample envelope
Sample letter