Estate Support for Executors

Estate Support for Executors

Estate Support for Executors

Have you been appointed to be an executor?

Understandably, you might feel flattered having been charged with taking care of a family member or
friend’s estate upon their passing.

But when the time comes, how prepared will you be to undertake this role?

The average estate takes 580 hours to settle, roughly 18-24 months and as many as 300 administrative

Being an executor is not easy, but estate settlement often goes more smoothly when the deceased has a
valid will. But the fact of the matter is that over 50% of Canadians don’t have a valid will.

Having no will, or dying intestate, only adds complications to the process for the next of kin, requiring
probate, challenging family dynamics, as well as inflated costs to the estate and countless hours.

Advisorly is here to help.

Estate Support for Executors is available to anyone who has been tasked with settling an estate.
Whether you are an appointed executor, or next of kin, Advisorly’s EPC certified Case Management
team supports clients with a comprehensive guide including:

  • Letters of notifications for government ID, Driver’s License, BC ID, Citizenship, SIN, Health Card, Nexus
    and more.
  • Applications for CPP, Pensions and benefits.
  • Rewards cards and membership notifications such as Costco, BCAA, Air miles and more.
  • Simply Sign, Mail and Notify!

You’ll also receive guidance and referrals to ensure you are on the right track with the estate settlement
for 1 full year.

Know someone who might benefit from this service?

Contact an Advisorly Case Manager today.


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