Bridge Insurance

Your legacy is as unique as you are, but it must be planned carefully. Your Bridge Insurance provides both specific and customized resources to support your goals.  Each policy also comes with professional case managers to support and organize survivors.

What makes Bridge Insurance different is that the applicant not only pre-selects who receives their life insurance funds, but it also structures how that money will be spent.

Bridge Insurance isn’t meant to replace term insurance, but complement an existing policy with whole life coverage that protects those funds for the rest of life.

Why Buy Bridge Insurance?

There are some great reasons to buy Bridge Insurance, including:

✓ No medical exams
✓ No restrictions on health or age
✓ No inflation on many products & services
✓ Never renew & no expiry
✓ Flexible payment options
✓ Coverage for premature & accidental death
✓ Immediate Coverage

Insurance Options

Underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada

Advisorly Estate Services

Immediate Financial Support

Charitable Giving

Death Abroad

End of Life Arrangements

Child/Grandchild Protection

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