Become an Advisorly Broker

Advisorly has a new opportunity for life licensed brokers, agents and non-licensed enrollers with a no medical, whole life insurance product that provides coverage for end of life expenses.

Diversify your existing portfolio with our holistic legacy planning that offers your clients a product that compliments their existing policies.

Coverage includes allowances for healthcare, estate management, financial planning, funeral, which at redemption is facilitated by our EPC designated Case Management team.

Advance Planning Insurance offers:

  • No medical exam, or exclusions based on health or age
  • No price difference based on health or age
  • No inflation on guaranteed products (AGE Program, World Wide Travel Protection, Final Document Services)
  • No inflation on funeral services
  • Child grandchild protection
  • Coverage instead of reimbursement
  • Immediate payment of services to assist survivors
  • 2-year limited life insurance

Our proprietary solutions include industry specific tools that offer automatic contract building and reports, and client facing needs assessment tools.

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