Meet Our Team

Jeremy May 


Jeremy, whose roots are in Greater Vancouver, is a graduate of St. F.X. University. Jeremy comes with over 25 years supporting seniors through specialized end of life insurance, and healthcare. His daily focus is working with an outstanding group of professionals committed to planning for the future, today.

Tricia Deanne Hoy, EPC

Client Care & Marketing Manager

Tricia has received her Elder Planning Counselor certification and enjoys providing support, guidance and education to her clients.  Over the course of her career, Tricia has also earned her degree in business management/marketing, and has contributed in leadership, new business development, and marketing roles in the health and wellness industries. Experienced in working with clients of all ages, Tricia enjoys building relationships and bridging communications with clients and team members alike.

David Tracey

Regional Manager

David, originally from England, has spent the majority of his career managing a stock portfolio.  His success reinforced David’s understanding of the importance of investing, and planning for the future.  As an insurance professional, and Regional Manager on the North Shore and Vancouver Island, David’s number one priority is making sure he provides meaningful help and guidance to each of his clients with Advance Planning Insurance.

Americo Punzalan

Regional Manager

Americo’s extensive background in healthcare has been an excellent addition to the team.  Not only does Americo have experience advocating for seniors and those with disabilities, but as an insurance professional, and Regional Manager in the Fraser Valley, Americo has the ability to support his clients through important decisions regarding their holistic legacy planning and Advance Planning Insurance.