Elements: Pre-Arranging


Will your loved ones know what your funeral wishes are when you die?

Will they have the finances available to carry out your wishes?

When someone we love passes away, it can be an emotional and stressful time. Dealing with the loss
can be hard enough, but then when you add decisions about how to honour your loved one, and how to
come up with the money to pay for the services can be overwhelming.

For these reasons, many people are choosing to give the gift of planning with pre-arrangements. As a
vital part of your overall estate, pre-arrangement save time, stress and financial hardship for your

Some of the benefits that pre-planning your funeral include:

Peace of Mind – Clarity, instructions and elimination of the decision making

No out of pocket expenses – At death, families are expected to pay funeral expenses within days. With
pre-planning, the finances are pro-actively paid.

No inflation – After your first payment the price never increases, regardless of how long you live or the
cause of your death. You buy a guarantee against inflation that is protected by law.

Universal Coverage – There are no restrictions on health and age. Everyone pays the same price.

Pay on installments – Take 3 to 20 years to pay. Interest free. Once you’ve paid in full, you never
renew, have to re-apply or pay more.

Life Insured – For those who pay on installments, your policy is paid in full if a death occurs prematurely
after two years.

Child Grandchild Protection – One child or grandchild, under legal age, is covered for free by your policy.

Your money is safe and transferable – Assurant Life of Canada protects your money and your policy is

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