Reasons to Discuss our End of Life Wishes

reasons to discuss our end of life wishes

Reasons to Discuss our End of Life Wishes

Talking about death is a discussion that no one really wants to have.  Let’s face it, this talk can be uncomfortable.  In fact, many people fall headfirst into these common barriers to having these discussions including: 

  • Fear of the unknown
  • That it’s best not to tempt fate
  • Our conditioning to live, not die
  • Denial – it won’t happen to me…well not yet anyways
  • We just don’t want to think about ourselves dying

What we know for sure, though, is that death is inevitable.  With unexpected deaths in B.C. at 40% of all deaths, wouldn’t it be prudent to consider how this might impact the ones you love when your time comes?

Starting the conversation might be difficult, but once underway, there are many benefits to having this discussion.

One of the main benefits of having this discussion with your family while you are alive and well is that you are able to express your wishes without the stress of ill health.  Your decisions are made from a place of sound mind.  Decisions that are important at the end of your life include considerations such as whether or not to have a burial or cremation, whether you wish to have a funeral service, and the details about your preferences for an urn or casket. 

Consider what this conversation might look like among your grieving family members should you not take the time to express and plan your wishes.  When your wishes are discussed in advance, it leaves little room for negotiations, and also helps to minimize conflict and costly overspending by your loved ones.

If the average cost of a burial in Canada is $8,000 today, with the costs said to be doubling every 10 years, what will this look like for your family 30 years from now?

Consider this conversation a gift to your loved ones.

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