Safety Tips for Aging in Place

Aging in place

Safety Tips for Aging in Place

Many seniors are opting to stay in their homes for as long as possible, delaying a move into assisted living or long term care.

Aging in place offers many benefits including: maintaining independence and the comfort of their home, the ability to stay close to friends and family, as well as convenience and cost savings.

Aging in place is a great option for many that requires careful consideration.  As we age our physical needs change and our mobility decreases.  What we could once do safely, has the potential to become a hazard.

One important question to ask yourself is whether or not your home can be retrofitted with modifications to meet your safety needs as you age?

Consider these simple safety tips for aging in place:

In the kitchen…

  • Make storage accessible with easy to reach shelving
  • Purchase automatic shut off devices for fire prevention
  • Ensure a multi-rated fire extinguisher is on hand and learn how to use it

In the bathroom…

  • Put grab handles in the bathtub
  • Use a no slip bath mat that covers the entire bottom of the bathtub
  • Install a raised or high profile seat

In the living room…

  • Make sure walking paths are free from furniture and clutter
  • Remove loose carpeting and fasten down rugs with double sided tape
  • Remove unsteady furniture and replace with chairs that have sturdy arms to assist with standing

On the stairs…

  • Make sure the hand rails are secure
  • Apply non-skid tread
  • Consider installing adaptive equipment such as a lift

Entryways and Doors

  • Use motion sensor lights on walkways
  • Replace doorknobs with lever handles
  • Install a wheelchair ramp to allow for mobility changes
  • Considering modifying your home to age in place?

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