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When was the last time you discussed your healthcare wishes with the people you love?...

Have you been appointed as executor? You may feel flattered about taking care of a family member’s estate. But how prepared will you be? You may need support....

If you died today, would your loved ones have the money to cover the expenses related to your death? If only we had a crystal ball to predict when our death will happen.  We could take the last minute approach days before we died so that...

Top Reasons to Revisit Your Will. While we may be moving closer this coming year to minimizing the effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives, the realization that we are not invincible has not changed. This begs the question, when was the last time you...

Often times when we go on vacation, we purchase travel insurance. We head over to our local BCAA and get coverage to protect us in the event that we break a bone or have an accident while on vacation. This is a fantastic...

Talking about death is a discussion that no one really wants to have. Let’s face it, this talk can be uncomfortable. In fact, many people fall headfirst into these common barriers to having these discussions....