The AGE Program

The AGE Program

The AGE Program

The AGE Program is a three-step process that supports clients in planning for aging, retirement, and beyond.

Also known as Case Management, it consists of:

  1. Assessment
  2. Portfolio Development
  3. Follow-up Consultation

In the assessment phase, the Case Manager facilitates an in-depth interview with the client. The assessment looks at areas such Healthcare, Estate Management, Financial, Legal, Funeral Planning and Insurance. 

Next, a personalized portfolio or an action plan is developed to meet the client’s specific planning needs.  The portfolio provides education on matters related to the assessment.  It also includes a to-do list and a list of resources and service partners.  The portfolio also addresses potential outcomes for not having appropriate plans in place for the future. 

In the follow-up consultation, the Case Manager meets with the client to review their portfolio.  Clients are encouraged to have a family member attend the meeting to support their future planning.  Both the assessment and the follow-up consultation can be done in person, over the phone or over video.

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