The Benefits of In-Home Care

The Benefits of In-Home Care

The Benefits of In-Home Care

As we age, we often experience changes in health, mobility and the ability to take care of ourselves. This can be the result of an underlying health issue, a fall, or just the natural progression of aging. For many people, they are able to get help and in-home care from a spouse, family member or friend. But for those who do not have anyone in their lives they can lean on – the looming question is who will look after me?

In British Columbia, we are very fortunate to have access to healthcare, which is supported by the regional health authority, such as Coastal Health or Fraser Health Region. Services are provided to those who need it based on an assessment of care.

For many, the resources and support provided by the regional health authorities are adequate, but for others, it is simply not enough.

The solution… In home nursing care services. Hiring a nurse from a private company can provide that additional support alongside what’s provided by the regional health authority. Services that clients can count on using private nursing include: personal care, medical grade foot care, appointment escorts, companionship, and home care for cleaning, grocery shopping and meal preparation, to name a few.

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