The Sandwich Generation and Caregiving

The Sandwich Generation and Caregiving

The Sandwich Generation and Caregiving

The Sandwich Generation

At first glance, you might think the sandwich generation grew up on Wonder bread and peanut butter.  While many of us did, the term actually refers to the generation in their 40’s and 50’s who are caring for both their children, as well as their aging parents.

The rewards of caring for the ones you love go without saying.  Conversely, this juggling act often finds these caregivers with many stressors.  Caring for your own nuclear family can be demanding of time, finances and energy, while working both outside the home and inside the home.  These circumstances can find caregivers overlooking their own health and basic needs, as they don’t often have time for themselves.

Now imagine a day in the life when you add the responsibility of caring for aging parents to an already full plate.  Or the more complex situation of caring for someone with a disability.

According to statistics Canada, “approximately one in ten caregivers were spending 30 hours or more a week providing some form of assistance to their ill family member or friend”.

At times, the responsibility of being a caregiver can contribute to these individuals experiencing caregiver burnout, feelings of depression, guilt and even isolation.

While this certainly is taxing on their well-being, the upside – you are not alone.

Samantha, Nurse Manager of House Calls Health and Wellness recognizes the need to support caregivers.  “Caregivers can often feel tired, burn out and guilty.  Private home care providers can help relieve the stress of caring for your loved ones with the day to day help with personal care, laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, escorts to medical appointments and even respite care for a much needed rest and relaxation break.”

Are you a caregiver or know a caregiver who would benefit from some support?

To find out more about caregiver support, contact our Case Management team today!

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